Magento How to create Custom Admin User with limited permissions

Magento How to create Custom Admin User with limited permissions

There are the times when we need few admin roles bounded under specific permissions. So Today I am showing you how to create another admin with custom roles.

To create Multi-role Admin, you need to login to your admin account and after that navigate to System > Permissions

You will see sub-navigation with menu-items including “permissions” and “Users”


In order to have a new admin user with limited roles we need to create our required Role first. To do so just navigate to system > Permissions > Roles. Click “Add New Role” button to create a new Role. Set the desired Role Name, current password of Magento Admin panel and then switch to tab Role Resources. A list of Resources will be loaded, select your desired resources and click save Role.


List of Resources:

New Role   Roles   Permissions   System   Magento Admin

From Resource access you can choose between All and Custom. By Selecting All means you are selecting all Resources while by selecting custom you can choose the resource which meant to access to current admin.

We have selected a few resources and saved the role


Now let’s create a new admin based on that resource. To do that you need to navigate to system > Permissions > Users. Add new User From “Add New User” button. Fill in the User information and switch to User Role tab and select your last created Role. We will talk about Rest Role in our other post. For now it is not needed left it as it is. Save User and logout of your Admin panel


Now Login with your demo Admin account credentials and you will the limited navigation and functionality. This is due to the assigned specific Resources. Now you are all done! Congratulations! you have successfully created the Admin with limited assigned resources.


In the same fashion you can add multiple Admin Users to your site with required Roles. By this way these admin may manage your store by using their specific resource.

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